Message from the Chief Executive Director:

CEOFor the past two decades Afghanistan has remained a country in crisis, with infrastructure and social capital mostly destroyed, its economy crippled, and a continuing downward spiraling of social and economic conditions. AfCan Logistics & Construction Services Co. Was incorporated in 2003 to assist in rebuilding of Afghanistan. We understand the diverse needs and demands that frequently result from a fast paced environment that often requires that the job get done yesterday, Our focus is to accommodate the most challenging of requirements and to get the job done correctly, efficiently and expediently.

We understand that success is found in the details of your project; at AfCan we strive to meet those standards of tomorrow, today.

At AfCan our staff is in-house and on-site which makes us available to specifically tailor to your every need. We can design, plan, transform and execute any job that can meet virtually any time limit. Our professional and competent staff of experts consists of architects, engineers, electricians, general contractors, health, environment, expert installers and skilled professionals. Because of our dedicated professional team of experts we are capable of meeting and maintaining any unique specifications and set timelines laid out before us. If you are in the market for an experienced and skilled construction company we hope you will make the call to AFCan LOGISTICS & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CO.

With years of experience providing the best service to our clients. We specialize in a wide variety of construction buildings and public works. With our highly skilled staff that is trained to provide you with the very best in quality and customer service we hope to be your solution to your construction needs. AfCan has completed hundreds of projects through-out the region. Many of those projects include office space build-outs, school, roads, and bridges and also provided logistic services to many UN agencies, Afghan government and other national and international NGOs. With our experienced team of professionals, we look forward to sitting down with you and discussing your construction endeavor in detail.